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tv   Washington Journal Mary Ellen Mc Intire on Renewed Senate Efforts to...  CSPAN  September 20, 2017 10:40am-11:07am EDT

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whether happened 30 years ago or 30 minutes ago, find it in the c-span video library. where history unfolds daily. >> present trump is urging the senate to pass the latest republican healthcare log repeal thing i hope republican senators will look for graham cassidy. one republican has already come out against the bill which could be voted on next week. he is a friend of mine but he is such a negative force when it comes to fixing healthcare. this morning we talked with a reporter following the bill. u >> joining us now, they are talking about the latest effort in the senate toha repeal and replace the affordable care act.
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>> talk about the drivers of this. who are the two senators, what are they interested in. >> the republican senators working on this plan are built cassidy and lindsey graham. lindsey graham and him started working on this plan earlier this summer. looking they were working to overhaul affordable care act in july and started coming up with this pla plan. they officially rolled out there updated legislation last week. this girl would take the funding to help people afford insurance and out-of-pocket payments and medicaidge expansion, put it all into a general fund.
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that's what were looking at. >> talk a little bit about why they think the blockwa grant system is the way to go. you give the state money. this would be a really big change in terms of how healthcare is funded, going from federal government, state government, the senators are saying federalism is the way to go, give people the chance to really decide what's going on in healthcare or that sort of how they're looking at the. >> you talk about formulas and how they're determining it.
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it would expire in 2026. there's like three different ways, different states would all get different moneyin depending on how many people are covered in their state, people who have coverage at a certain time, things like that that they are looking for. certain states might see funding cuts under this. others dates would see additional funding coming in. every state would get a different amount of money. >> as far as clinics of this approach, who are they,cs particularly if they there are republican critics of it. >> you do see a couple republican critics coming from different angles. senator rand paul will not vote for the legislation. he says it's too similar to obamacare.
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it leaves a lot of taxes in place, senator susan collins has not said she won't vote for it but she has said she has a lot of concerns and questions and wants to see an analysis of the spill but is concerned about people losing coverage and the transition, it's a really big overhaul, critics of the proces process, this bill was formally released by the senators last week. next monday the finance committee is going to hold a hearing on this bill. the congressional budget office is not releasing analysis of this bill, they said early next week they are aiming to put out a preliminary announcement but' they won't have things likee coverage numbers, specific details on what i can do to premiums. a lot o >> will that impact the last effort they made when those numbers came out. >> very much. a lot of republicans say ist can't look at this until i know how this will affect my state.a
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a lot of senators are working with their governors to look and consider what would this mean to our state directly. if you want to know and understand what this means for alaska. she is doing a lot of work to look at that right now. >> maryellen mcintyre joins us to talk about the future of the affordable care act in light of the senate legislation. if you want to ask her questions, (202)748-8000. republicans and independents (202)748-8002 the congressional act scoring, it seems there okay to say it doesn't matter or not if there's a score, why is it. what's the velocity there. >> some are saying we've done so much work on this, wehe really understand it and we know and can figure out what we need without the ceo. i can probably remember earlier this summer, republicans had been very
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critical of the cbo and they're saying sure, this isam the thing, but they've had a lot of things wrong about obamacare. they don't get anything right so there are a lot of questions raised in a lot of arguments, they say it putsth too much stock in individual mandate, but that's actually criticism of bill cassidy. he said jonathan gruber has said individual mandate might not work as well and there was an article they talked about 2014. they put too much stock in the individual mandate is the criticism. they say they put too much stock in this and more people will lose coverage. >> last time the process was this idea of regular order and john mccain and others that you talk about hearings taking place, will they bep
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satisfied as far as the hearings leading up to this potential vote next wee week. >> it's hard to tell. john mccain has made a really big he's indicated this isn't really regular orders. and it may not be ready monday monday morning. he hasn't said one way or another how he would vote. he is someone they are really looking at. you saw a lot of senators right off the bat express criticism. is there different mood in the sense of getting this through the senate. >> very weekly, in the senate there has been a lot of optimism. questio you do have a couple senators who are questioning things that you have a lot of senators were very open to this. they have a
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a lot of republicans really want to be able to do this. there's definitely movement. they don't have 50 votes but they are working on things. the first call is from hell drought in california. >> caller: good morning and thank you for holding this debate on affordable care act.nd they i have called my senators from california, and they do not support this bill. the reason they do not support this bill is because the bill does not do what is it does. it gets rid of those pre-existing conditions and those essential benefits that are important to everyone getting healthcare, it increases the premium that
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everybody will be paying for healthcare. it is a lie, jimmy kimmel set on his show that cassidy lied to his face which is insulting and degrading to lie to the american people. he is one 100% correct. senator cassidy lied. >> guest: i actually haven't seen that jimmy kimmel segment yet. i have to watch that. it is some of the criticisms you will hear from democrats that this bill, what it does contain his guaranteed issue that they can't deny coveragee and states can seek to exempt s themselves from something called community rating which does prevent insurers from
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targeting them more than healthier individuals. that is a factor of the bill. they would say that every requirement in their to make sure everyone can get affordable coverage. that is a criticism you are hearing a lot from democrats. they appear to be steadfastly opposed to this proposal. they had been working to move on a bipartisan act that now appears doomed. >> understand the support of senate rules that you need to score and then he also asks if he can explain how will be voted on without the score. >> this is kind of a confusing thing. the score needs to show the deficit numbers.
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they need to achieve a certain percentage of savings. the preliminary score is expected to show those details but it might not show the specific details on coverage numbers. some senators have done well before the. >> the president just tweeted on this topic. >> rand paul is a friend of mine but he is such a negative force when it comes to fixing healthcare. graham cassidy bill is great and it ends obamacare. t talk about the influence of the role he played in this process of getting the legislation passed. >> definitely an important influence. they've come out in favor, that's one of the strongeste statements we've heard so far. t vice president mike pence yesterday had lunch withth senate republicans and was urging them, saying this is our chance to go out and repeal and replace obamacare. the white house is pushing the senate stephanie important. this is the kind of thing where you see the vice president and the president really urging senators to vote for this and get sometimes it's more successful.
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last time we did this we saw it wasn't as successful. it's deftly important. >> democrats line for maryland. >> good thanks for taking my call. i think this is a disgrace, what the republicans are doing, including the president. to have this bill pushed down with not one single public hearing, without a cbo score, and to affect tens of millions of getting rid of obamacare instead of fixing it, i think that's the way to go. you need to fix obamacare because that's the closest were going to do or get in terms of fairness for all. i think what is going to medicaid and the elderly and
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people with pre-existing conditions, this is really sad. this is a sad time. they've showed us their hand and it's not good. >> thank you. their efforts legislatively to stabilize the current affordable care. they had held for hearings on stabilizing individual insurance market and said we want to come up with a small bipartisan fix. last night those efforts appeared to be over for the time being. senator alexander put out a statement and said when i canns reach a consensus. senator murray put out a statement that said this is a republican leadership, telling us to shut this down.the speaker ryan told them that there wasn't appetite for this.
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>> charles is from colorado, independent line. >> i have two quick points, one of the points is a think it's in 1967 health act, i was reading it a few days ago, it says we will not deny people coverage if they come to the hospital. if this throws 30 million people off of healthcare and they can't afford to pay into the system, they will go to the hospital and they will get treated. when they do that is health
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care welfare. they're not paying the system and they're getting a service, and entitlement, and if they do that, who pays for it, the taxpayer. just go to rand site and you can explore all of this. if you think this is going to save us money and decreased deb debt, they're wrong.the the second point is one of the biggest factors in daca that had a problem with getting young people to enroll. all, a that tells me we need to go to medicare for all, system that is on 2% instead of close to 20%. >> the medicare for all, you saw that from senator sanders last week. that's not something that isy expected to come up anytime soon. yes, you do, a big focus is her good them to shore up the
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risk pool. it was discussed very frequently in those hearings earlier this month. one of the arguments that the senators say is that state governors are in a better position to enroll people than at a federal level because they can do things at their state to make sure you can get the younger healthier people in the pools. i think republicans are saying let's give states the power to take the steps to do it they can get the younger, healthier people into have lower premiums for everyone. >> another tweet saying they hope they will vote for graham cassidy and repeal ando c replace obamacare.repu this is a look for when notes only from the president but for republicans too. >> definitely. as you probably recall, the president is very harsh on twitter after republicans
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were not able to roll back the portable care act earlier this summer.r. he said a lot of, i've been hearing about repeal and replace for seven years, i don't know why the republicans senators will do that. he put a lot of pressure on mitch mcconnell, the majority leader to bring it back. i think you're seeing the president really wants to dial in on this. it was a huge promise for republicans. it's something they campaigned on. they won house and senate majorities on. it's something they said they would do. a lot of people have seen some pushback on the fact h that they haven't revealed it yet.rizona >> another said graham cassidy is the best pathob forward and i will continue to work to give states more options moving forward. the governor is weighing in on this. not only doug, both sides, what's their influence. >> governors would be hugely responsible for this legislation if it were to become law.
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obviously he and john mccain have been talking a lot, they consult each other, the chattin chatting. his support puts pressure on mccain to also support this legislation. you've seen a lot of governors with both sides on this.they cam they came out and said to senate leaders, we don't want you to consider this bill, weoa think you should take a bipartisan approach and stabilize the market. that included governors like john kasich and others who put out their own the summer. he also had several republican governors who haven't endorsed and automatically repeal obamacare. governor influence is very important and can be assigned as to what they might be thinking about.
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>> have we seen anything from lisa on what she's thinking about this time around. >> she has a lot of questions. she's definitely keeping her options open. she's not really forecasting either way what she is thinking, but she's back ins alaska.t she talked about how it's a place you can think about things so i think we will see this is something the senate and the caucus definitely wants to deal us sooner than later, whether or not they have the 50 votes. they don't go through something they went through in july. >> on our republican line from wisconsin, michael, go ahead. >> i'm here. i'm watching this little girl. where do you find these people at? this girl has notes branson anything in healthcare. >> michael we invited her on to talk to you you and answer your questions. you have a question?
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>> yes. >> where you get your experience from. >> i've been a healthcare reporter for the past two years on capitol hill. i talked to lawmakers daily about these issues to try to understand where they're coming from and what their thinking and talk to analysts and experts about what legislation would do. that's where i get my experience. >> let's go to grover. democrat. >> i would like to ask the question if anyone has looked into how much money the republicans have spent trying to get rid of obamacare for the past ten years and did nothing else. what they need to do is take all of their salaries that they absolutely did nothing for ten years, pass no bills, and take that money and fix obamacare. that's what my statement is about.ans
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>> yes, there has not been major bipartisan look at fixing this. any major health care bill that passes will have thingsin that come up in things thatat happen that no one intended so we haven't seen obamacare, it's a very politically charged issue. p we haven't seen a bipartisan fix to that. that was something we saw from health committee, but all along senators alexander and mary have said this is a tall task and a difficult thing to do. you are working in a very short time on a very politically charged issue. as of right now, it appears that's not going to be what happens, but depending on what happens we'll see what happens going >> let's hear from mitch
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mcconnell yesterday talkingost about the proposals out there when it comes to healthcare. we will play what he has to say get your thoughts on. >> last week our colic fromun vermont rolled out healthcare legislation that would quadruple down on the failures of obamacare. it envisions what is basically a fully government run single-payer system. the kind of system that would strip so many americans of their health plan and take away so many decisions over their own healthcare. that would require almost unimaginably high tax increases. that article lapsed in the senator's home state of vermont when they tried to do it. this is a massive expansion of a failed idea. it's not a serious solution for the democrats are coalescing and it. they apparently think this massive expansion of a failed idea is what the future of
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american healthcare should look like. they will do everything in their power to impose it on our country. we don't have to accept it as our future. that is what senators graham and cassidy believe. they rolled out a healthcare proposal of their own last week. it would repeal the pillars of obamacare and replace that failed approach with anyone, allowing states and governors to actually implement better healthcare ideas by taking more decision-making powergt out of washington. governors and state legislatures of both parties would have both the opportunity and the responsibility to help make quality and affordable healthcare available to their citizens in a way that works for their own state. it is an intriguing idea, and one that has a great deal of support. >> tell us about senator mcconnell's efforts on this. what is he doing.
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>> so this was interesting to me because it was the firstti time the senate had returned from the august recess that senator mcconnell had spoken about this. he had previously told senators graham and cassidy,ri you get 50 votes, bring it to me and we will do this thing. in the past couple days, senator mcconnell has really gone all in seeing that this is our chance to go back obamacare and do things but, put some pressure on this and this needs to be our top priority to try to gauge the level of support, but he is saying publicly this is something that does have a great deal of support it's an intriguing idea, a new plan, he's comparing it to the medicare for all plan. republicans think this is a f
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vastly superior idea. >> what you expect, what you ar want our viewers to watch out for? >> i think the big question is where do senators mccain and murkowski go? the ones that everyone is looking for because they were lot of the most crucial votes that voted against it. senator collins has really said she has a lot of concerns yesterday. she said she has more concerns about this bill than earlier bills. i think she is considered to be a no vote even though she had felt that yet.t looking for those two things, looking for how is this playing back into people's homes states, you will see a lot of pushes in the next couple of days from both sides encouraging senators on the fence and those who are publicly undecided to vote for this and then vote against. >> maryellen covers healthcare in this
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legislation being considered in the senate. thank you for your time. >> lauren of seat you roll call reports show 15 republicans supported while ten have come out against it. for republican, one independent and five democrats. cspan, where history unfolds daily. in 1979, cspan was created as a public service by america's cable television companies. it is brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider. >> in houston texas, recovery continues following hurricane harvey. over the weekend we foun followed three lawmakers in the area as they participated in relief efforts. we will start at the christian tabernacle church where an


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